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Right to Information - Rights & Duties of Officers and Employees

Chapter 2

Rights and duties of officers and employees

{Section 4(1)(b)(ii)}

Please provide details of the powers and duties of officers

and employees of the authority:

Serial No. Name of Employee/Office Designation Assigned Task
1 Mr. Ravi Kumar Gupta Director Duties as per duty list (attached)
2 Mr. Balu Singh Yadav Joint Director Work related to substructure
3 Ms. Abha Shukla - -
4 Ms. Swarna Chaturvedi Deputy Director Finance Branch
5 Ms. Vani Sahu Assistant Director Duties as per duty list
6 Mr. Vikas Kharadkar Assistant Director Duties as per duty list
7 Ms. Shipra Srivastava Assistant Director Duties as per duty list
8 Mr. Pradeep Astaiya Assistant Director Duties as per duty list
9 Ms. Nanda Ghimire Personal Assistant Grade-2 Work under Joint Secretariat (Administration)
10 Mr. Rahul Ojha Personal Assistant Grade-3 Work under Director
11 Mr. Niraj Dhurve Personal Assistant Grade-3 Work under Joint Secretariat (Lower Division)
12 Mr. Rajkumar Gahlot Accountant Advance-related work
13 Mr. Suresh Chandra Arya Accountant Establishment Branch
14 Ms. Sureshka Parihar Assistant Grade-2 Substructure Branch
15 Ms. Bilqis Jahan Assistant Grade-2 Youth Agreement-related work
16 Mr. Satyendra Kumar Varma Assistant Grade-2 Income-related work
17 Mr. Yogendra Pandey Assistant Grade-2 Residential Sports Area Income In-Out Work
18 Mr. Ravindra Bansod Assistant Grade-2 Tender-related work
19 Mr. Ratan Pawar Keslikar Assistant Grade-2 Budget Branch
20 Mr. Nilesh Kumar Jain Computer Operator Under Joint Secretariat (Lower Division)
21 Mr. Santosh Dubey Computer Operator -
22 Ms. Kalpana Saundhiya Computer Operator Academy-related work
23 Mr. Hemant Kumar Ben Computer Operator Substructure Branch
24 Mr. Jeetendra Kumar Saharia Computer Operator Ministry's Private Residence-related work
25 Ms. Poonam Jain Assistant Grade-3 Budget Branch
26 Ms. Bharati Parihar Assistant Grade-3 Substructure Branch
27 Ms. Jayshree Gole Assistant Grade-3 Substructure Branch
28 Ms. Asha Srivastava Assistant Grade-3 Academy-related work
29 Mr. Dilip Sharma Assistant Grade-3 Vehicle Branch
30 Mr. Amardeep Basediya Assistant Grade-3 Outward Branch
31 Mr. Gajendra Gole Assistant Grade-3 Currently on B.L.O. Duty
32 Mr. Deepak Khale Assistant Grade-3 Ministry-related work
33 Ms. Anjali Gupta Assistant Grade-3 Establishment Branch
34 Ms. Harsha Raikwar Assistant Grade-3 Academy-related work
35 Mr. Farhaaz Khan Assistant Grade-3 Horse riding
36 Ms. Ami Kamani Assistant Grade-3 Snooker player related to Indore
37 Mr. Raghuveer Prasad Jaisodiya Peon Work under Director
38 Mr. Devaraj Shende Peon Work under Director
39 Mr. Panchanan Bega Peon Academy-related work
40 Ms. Sonu Rajput Peon Budget Branch
41 Ms. Lalita Varma Peon Finance-related work
42 Mr. Munshilal Basediya Peon Ministry-related work
43 Ms. Prabha Sharma Peon Outward Branch
44 Ms. Ritu Chaehaan Peon Academy-related work
45 Mr. Pritam Singh Raikwar Cook Work under Director
46 Mr. Mukesh Mehtar Sweeper Cleaning-related work

Note: Duty list of related officers/employees is attached:

1. Duties of the Director in the current position

2. Duty list of the Joint Director

3. Duty list of the Deputy Director

4. Duty list of Assistant Director

5. Duty list of Administrative Officer

6. Duty list of Sports Officer (Headquarters)

7. Duty list of Youth Welfare Officer

8. Duty list of Regional/District Sports Officers

9. Duty list of Superintendent

10. Duty list of Stenographer

11. Duty list of Auditor

12. Duty list of Assistant Grade-I

13. Duty list of Accountant

14. Duty list of Storekeeper

15. Duty list of Assistant Grade-II

16. Duty list of Assistant Grade-III

17. Duty list of Hostel Warden

18. Duty list of Trainer

19. Duty list of Driver

20. Duty list of Stadium Supervisor