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Sports Science Centre

Directorate of Sports and Youth Welfare,

TT Nagar Stadium, Bhopal (M.P.)

The Sports Science Centre, situated at TT Nagar Stadium and under the supervision of the Directorate of Sports and Youth Welfare (DSYW), caters to all Elite Sports Academies governed by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. Established in 2006-2007, the Sports Medicine Centre laid the groundwork for comprehensive athlete care. In 2016, the idea of a new Sports Science Centre was conceived. Two years later, in 2018, the present Sports Science Centre was inaugurated, marking a significant milestone in sports development. By 2020, it underwent a transformation and was rebranded as I-SHAPE, representing "Institute of Sports High Performance And Physical Excellence," aligning with its expanded mission to harness Sports Sciences for optimizing performance potential.

Available Branches of Sports Sciences

1. Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 6. Sports Video Analysis
2. Sports Nutrition 7. Biomechanical Analysis
3. Strength and Conditioning Training 8. Nursing Care
4. Sports Psychology 9. Sports Massage
5. Sports Physiology 10. Wellness and Yoga

Services Charges of Sports Science Centre

Serial Number Category Charge per Session
1 M.P. State Sports Academy Players FREE
2 Testing, Training and treatment of National Squad/camp As per SAI Norms
3 Olympians FREE, Subject to Director's approval
4 Asian Games Medal winner FREE, Subject to Director's Approval
5 Common Wealth Games Medal Winner FREE, Subject to Director's approval
6 Quadrennial world cup or world championship medal winner FREE, Subject to Director's approval
7 Player under 25 years of age Rs. 150 per Session
8 Player over 25 years to 35 years Rs. 200 per Session
9 Player beyond 35 Years of age/others Rs 400 per Session

Some of the Gadgets


Omegawave assesses the physiological, physical, and psychological parameters of the player, shedding light on current readiness for training programs, recovery status from overtraining, and overall current status. It evaluates the cardiac system, central nervous system, and detoxification system, along with factors such as explosive strength, endurance, and sensory motor reflex, aiding in the selection of the best playing squad. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in preventing overtraining and overreaching injuries by recommending appropriate training intensities and providing valuable advice.

Athlete Monitoring System

The Athlete Monitoring System is a sophisticated software storing athlete details in the cloud for stakeholder access. It centralizes performance, health, and progress data, facilitating real-time review by professionals. This streamlines decision-making and fosters collaboration among coaches, trainers, and medical staff. Ultimately, it optimizes athlete performance by leveraging comprehensive insights.

Video Analysis

Video Analysis involves capturing and analyzing athlete movements to enhance performance and prevent injuries. By meticulously reviewing recorded footage, coaches and trainers can identify areas for improvement and refine technique. This proactive approach not only optimizes athletic performance but also reduces the risk of injuries by addressing potential biomechanical issues.

Quick Board

Quick Board is a tool designed for testing and training agility, speed, and visual-motor reflexes. It provides instantaneous and objective feedback within a simulated environment, enhancing functional performance through physical and neurological training. Additionally, it captures data to monitor and track an athlete's progress over time, offering valuable insights for further improvement.


Cryoflow offers high-power cold air therapy, with skin temperature monitoring and computerized programs for precise treatment. Its diagnostic value lies in its ability to provide targeted therapy while tracking skin temperature changes.

Cryo Ultrasound

Cryo Ultrasound combines the benefits of ultrasound and cryotherapy simultaneously, with pre-programmed settings for convenience. This innovative treatment promotes fast tissue healing and aids in swift recovery from injuries.

Kinetic Kooler

The Kinetic Kooler is a portable device offering both low and high-temperature treatments in a single unit. It provides quantified treatment, allowing for precise and controlled therapy sessions.

Game Ready

Game Ready is a portable device that combines quantified pressure compressions with quantified low-temperature therapy. It effectively prevents and treats swelling by providing targeted and controlled treatment.

Combination Therapy

Combination Therapy integrates various modalities including Ultrasound, IFT, TENS, LASER, electric currents, and Vacuum Therapy. This comprehensive approach allows for versatile treatment options catering to different conditions and individual needs.

I Dong System

The iDong System encompasses a comprehensive array of metrics including height, weight, BMI, complete body composition, segmental body composition, reaction time, grip strength, flexibility, balance, push-up performance, vital capacity, sit-up ability, vertical jump height, step test results, blood pressure, resting heart rate, and heart rate recovery. This holistic approach provides a thorough assessment of an individual's physical fitness and health status.

Body Composition Analyser

The Body Composition Analyzer is an essential component of fitness testing, determining the proportions of fat, muscle, water, and other elements in the body. It aids in weight management, guiding exercise prescription and dietary interventions based on individual composition. Moreover, it serves in screening for health risks and allows for segmental interventions targeting specific areas. Keeping track of changes over time, it provides valuable data for ongoing health and fitness management.


Walkerview offers live basic gait analysis and gait training, focusing on correction and comparing left-right movements, touch time, weight bearing, and trunk movements. It facilitates setting goals and targets tailored to individual needs, utilizing a digital mirror for visual feedback. Additionally, it calculates VO2 max for cardiovascular fitness testing, features complete PC control, utilizes 3D cameras for analysis, and offers tailor-made programs with heart rate monitoring. The system is interconnected, allowing seamless communication between components for comprehensive assessment and training.

Postural Bench

The Postural Bench assesses posterior chain stress and tone through sensors, enabling left-right comparisons and targeted treatment. It identifies specific areas for intervention and offers training via biofeedback, aiding in posture correction and training.


Prokin offers static balance testing and training for both unilateral and bilateral conditions, alongside progressive multidimensional dynamic balance testing and training. It includes sitting dynamic assessment and training, utilizing sensor-based technology and biofeedback mechanisms. Moreover, it factors in individual characteristics such as weight, height, age, gender, and activity level to tailor test results and training accordingly.


Kineo specializes in robotic training, providing both eccentric and concentric exercises with variable load capabilities. It offers various types of loading, including isometric and dynamic strength testing, and incorporates visual feedback for athletes and physiotherapists to optimize training outcomes.


Isomove is a physiotherapy and rehabilitation machinery developed by TecnoBody, designed to evaluate and enhance the strength and endurance of moving muscle groups simultaneously. It serves as an optimal system for conducting isokinetic tests to analyze strength values and physical endurance. Moreover, it serves as an ally in establishing personalized and effective rehabilitation pathways tailored to individual needs.


D-WALL heralds a revolution in gym technology with its cutting-edge digital mirror. This hi-tech innovation not only ensures precise motor gesture control but also offers real-time performance analysis based on specific parameters. With D-WALL, users can access a plethora of exercises and ready-to-use programs tailored for posture, functional training, balance, and strength. Its integrated approach allows for seamless management of assessment and training, catering to both rehabilitation and health fitness needs. Equipped with a 3D camera and force platform, D-WALL recognizes up to 16 body articulations in real time, providing immediate biofeedback for every action—an unprecedented advancement in the realm of fitness technology.


The Cryochamber augments the efficacy of various orthopedic therapies, accelerating recovery and regeneration processes following overloads and injuries. It also aids in tissue rejuvenation and recovery by increasing collagen production. While cryotherapy is traditionally associated with treating skin conditions and muscle pain, studies indicate its effectiveness in addressing a broader range of issues including migraines, nerve problems, mood disorders like anxiety and depression, and specific types of dementia.

Gymna Acure 8000

The Gymna Acure 8000 is an advanced electrolysis device renowned for its high quality and intensity. Featuring an intuitive touchscreen interface, it ensures ease of use and efficiency during treatment sessions. With a maximum intensity of 8 mA, it enables more effective and time-efficient electrolysis, including specialized applications such as Ultrasound-guided Galvanic Electrolysis Therapy and dry needling. The ergonomic handpiece provides full control and safety with its ingenious needle grip mechanism, functioning as a wired remote control for therapy initiation and intensity adjustment. Offering both mains and battery power operation, with a smart battery management system, it maximizes the lifespan of the rechargeable li-ion battery. The body area menu allows for easy treatment selection based on anatomical locations, as well as the creation of custom protocols to suit individual needs.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment method that triggers the body's innate healing mechanisms. Effective for pain relief and tissue healing, it targets injured tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues by releasing growth factors. While Radial Wave Therapy is the prevalent form, Focused Wave Therapy is gaining traction for its ability to provide precise treatment options and deeper penetration, especially in acute cases.


TECAR therapy blends contact diathermy and electrotherapy, leveraging long-wave diathermy's deep penetration. By stimulating blood circulation and the body's healing mechanisms, it effectively treats acute and chronic conditions. Notably, it operates at high power with minimal temperature increase and can be used in pulsed mode to manage heat dispersion. TECAR, an acronym for Capacitive and Resistive Energy Transfer, plays a vital role in rehabilitation therapies by alleviating pain, enhancing venous drainage, and reducing muscular and back discomfort.

High Power Laser

High-power LASER therapy is a preferred treatment for athletes post-workout. It enhances blood flow in muscles, ligaments, and joints, facilitating toxin removal and accelerating recovery, thereby minimizing muscle soreness. With rapid pain relief and no known side effects, it aids in healing sprains and strains. Additionally, individuals with chronic conditions, such as back pain, experience significant and lasting relief from symptoms.

RADAR Therapy

RADAR therapy is effective for treating traumatic musculoskeletal disorders like muscle inflammations and rheumatoid conditions. It provides pain relief, reduces muscle spasms and inflammation, and enhances blood supply to promote healing. It is particularly beneficial for sports injuries, tendinitis, and alleviating muscle spasms.


Magnetotherapy offers therapeutic benefits for a range of conditions. It aids in reducing pain and inflammation in muscle injuries, accelerating the healing process. Additionally, it stimulates bone healing in fractures or other bone injuries, promoting faster recovery.

Other Equipments and Services


S.No. Name Designation Place Passport Size Photo
1 Dr. Jince Thomas Mathew Head, Sports Sciences Bhopal
2 Dr. Nitin Kansal Physiotherapist Bhopal
3 Dr. R. Kalaiselvan Video Analyst Bhopal
4 Ms. Sultana Afrin Kausar Goney Nutritionist Bhopal
5 Atanu Jana Physiologist Bhopal
6 Vijay Vignesh Parthipan Strength & Conditioning Expert Gwalior
7 Dr. Lokendra Singh Tomar Physiotherapist & S&C Expert Bhopal
8 Dr. Heena Ali Strength & Conditioning Expert Bhopal
9 Sonam Nayak Strength & Conditioning Expert Bhopal
10 Ashish Nanaware Strength & Conditioning Expert Bhopal
11 Divyansh Dwivedi Strength & Conditioning Expert Bhopal
12 Nitish Gautam Strength & Conditioning Expert Bhopal
13 Dr. Monika Tomar Physiotherapist Bhopal
14 Dr. Hariom Parmar Physiotherapist Bhopal
15 Preeti Rajput Physiotherapist Bhopal
16 Saurav Yadav Physiotherapist Jabalpur
17 Preeti Yadav Physiotherapist Gwalior
18 Ashuvendra Pratap Singh Physiotherapist Bhopal
19 Umesh Kumar Physiotherapist Gwalior
20 Bharat Singh Bandewal Wellness Trainer Bhopal
21 Shruti M.K. Staff Nurse Bhopal
22 Hemant Geete Masseur Bhopal
23 Abdul Arif Khan Masseur Bhopal
24 Poonam Kumari Masseuse Bhopal