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The "Maa Tujhe Pranam" scheme has been launched in the year 2013.

Under this scheme, the Madhya Pradesh government selects the youth of the state every year and makes them travel to the borders of India. So that the love of the country remains among the youth of the state and at the same time there should be a feeling of respect in their mind for the soldiers who protect the country by staying on the borders. In this scheme, the age of 15 to 25 years has been fixed for the youth of the state. 10 talented youth (05 boys and 05 girls) from each development block of the district, in which 01 NCC, 01 NSS, 01 player, 01 meritorious student, 01 scout or cultural area are selected.

Total Youth Benefited: 14067

By the selection committee constituted under the chairmanship of the District Collector, they are taken to the international border tour of the country in different groups by the way of lottery and on behalf of the grateful nation, the martyrs in the border land were taken away by the youth from their residence area. Tributes are paid with water and the outlook of the youth has been broadened by discussing topics of national importance. Animal husbandry, agriculture, business, industry, irrigation facilities, geographical features, culture, customs, beliefs, festivals etc. are also studied by the youth with the help of the residents of the international border area.

The youth also tilak themselves and their village/town residents from the soil of the border area irrigated with the blood of all the martyrs, and after the end of the journey, share their exciting experiences and meaningful information with other people of their village/town and society.

Under the scheme, the selected youth are provided travel fare, daily allowance, accommodation, food, local transport system, reservation of additional bogies, track suits, T-shirts, kit bags.

A 72-member team is sent on an experience journey, in which 65 youth, 05 departmental officers/employees and 02 police officers are included.


S. N Visited Border Area S. N Visited Border Area
1 Leh-Ladakh 8 RS Pura, Jammu and Kashmir
2 Temple of Tanot Mata-Longewall, Rajasthan 9 Barmer, Rajasthan
3 Nathula-pass, Sikkim 10 Petrapole, West Bengal
4 Andaman and Nicobar 11 Kargil-Drass, Jammu and Kashmir
5 Wagah-Husainiwala, Amritsar (Punjab) 12 Bikaner, Rajasthan
6 Kochi, Kerala 13 Tura, Meghalaya
7 Jaigaon, West Bengal 14 Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu


S. No. Year Boys Girls Total
1 2013 & 14 254 245 499
2 2014 & 15 286 362 648
3 2015 & 16 1236 1336 2572
4 2016 & 17 1601 799 2400
5 2017 & 18 1580 1252 2832
6 2018 & 19 1909 1330 3239
7 2019 & 20 142 340 482
8 2022 & 23 689 706 1395
कुल 7697 6370 14067