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CM Cup

In all the districts of Madhya Pradesh, “CM Cup” is organized under the youth campaign at the block, district, divisional and state level for the identification of talented boys and girls players below the age of 16 years.

Introduction: the youth campaign, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Towing, Mini Marathon and Tennisball cricket competition is being organized continuously by the department from the year 2003-04 to 2014-15. In the last years, it has been seen that the interest towards this competition has reduced among the youth and the competition has remained a mere formality in the lower level. In the present scenario, sports has been made public by the department and 17 sports academies are being run, so it is necessary that new talents should be discovered and polished in the state, proper training and opportunities should be given to move forward. Therefore, from the year 2015-16, by giving a new look to the youth campaign, "CM Cup" was organized to create a suitable sports environment. The competition is being organized for the purpose of talent hunt. The competition will be played on league basis in which every player will get maximum participation opportunities, so that players will get more opportunities to showcase their talent.

Aim: To create awareness among the youth about sports in the state, to make sports accessible to all, to identify talented players at the development block/village level, to provide adequate training to talented and budding players.

Age Criteria : Boys and girls players of the age group below 16 years will participate in the "CM Cup". The age of the player will be calculated from 31st December onwards. It is mandatory for the player to be a native of Madhya Pradesh. (Verification of age must be done at every competition level, which will be valid only for the original birth certificate of the player and the certified age certificate and mark list of the students studying. If there is an error in the age verification, the player will be given that Will be expelled from sports discipline) If required, verification of the age of the player can also be done on the basis of medical examination.


Sports Modes
No. Sports Boy No. of Players Girl No. of Players Officials (M/F)
1 Volleyball Team Event 12 Team Event 12 2
2 Football Team Event 16 Team Event 16 2
3 Kabaddi Team Event 12 Team Event 12 2
4 Kho-Kho Team Event 12 Team Event 12 2
5 Wrestling 42 kilogram, 46 kilogram, 50 kilogram, 54 kilogram, 58 kilogram, 63 kilogram, 69 kilogram, 76 kilogram. 85 kilogram and more than 85 kilogram. 10 38 kilogram, 40 kilogram, 43 kilogram, 46 kilogram, 49 kilogram. 52 kilogram, 56 kilogram 60kilogram, 65kilogram and more than 65 kilogram. 10 2
6 Athletics 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 1000 m, long jump, high jump, shot put (5 kilogram), javelin (700 g) 8 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 1000 m. Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put (3 kilogram) Javelin (500 g) 8 2
    Total 70 Total 70 12